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This sailor's favorite is a hash of meat, fish, onions, potatoes and beets topped with a fried egg.


A ravioli-looking specialty. The dough stuffed with cooked minced meat and spinach.


Long-marinated, sweet-and-sour beef pot roast. Potato dumplings, red cabbage, and stewed fruit are traditional accompaniments.


Schweinsbraten "Roast pork". The meat (typically shoulder) is slowly cooked and served with sauce, dumplings and sauerkraut.


The bone-in shank is moist inside, crisp outside thanks to slow roasting.


Spit-roasted whole suckling pig. Spanferkel also refers to a feast featuring the pig.

Weiner Schnitzel

"Vienna Cutlet". Borrowed from Austria, but now an entrenched German dish. The thin veal cutlet is breaded and pan fried in butter.

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Famous German dishes
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