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Basque cuisine
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The three small Basque provinces are widely heralded for their cooks.

Basque cuisine

Bacalao al pil pil

Salt cod, garlic, onions and red peppers are slowly cooked in olive oil in a cazuela (a shallow earthenware pot).

Merluza la Vasca

Also cooked in a cazuela. Hake is the prime ingredient.

Chiperones en su tinta

Basque version of the popular Spanish dish. Name translates as "squid in its ink".

Basque cuisine
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The three small Basque provinces are widely heralded for their cooks. They are masters of sauce making.

Cooking style

It's straightforward. Nothing fancy, just perfect ingredients perfectly cooked.

Male culinary clubs

Men are devoted to the art of cooking. Some form private culinary clubs where they prepare and eat tempting local specialties. Women are not allowed to join the cooking and dining feasts.

Occupational influences

Many citizens are sheepherders, so roast baby lamb has become a specialty. Many are also fishermen, so seafood dishes are quite popular.


The Basques not only have their own cuisine, they speak their own language.

Major culinary city

Vizcaya and San Sebastian are the two leading cities in the Basque provinces in terms of overall interest to gourmets.

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