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Famous specialties of
Madrid and environs

Cocido Madrileno

A soup-stew of chickpeas, hearty vegetables, and mixed (often smoked) meats. The broth is served as a first course, then the vegetables, and finally the meat.


A tripe stew enlivened with smoked pork and a smidgen of wine and brandy.

Sopa de Ajo

The cook starts with browned bread and garlic cloves, simmers them in water and adds an egg topping, either by poaching the egg in the soup or by baking the soup and egg in the oven. The Madrid version of this popular Spanish soup is gastronomically the most finely tuned in the nation.

Famous specialties of
the Old and New Castile regions

"Castile" encompasses Old Castile north and New Castile south of Madrid.

Suckling Pig

Tiny whole pig (no more than several weeks old) is roasted on a revolving spit until its skin becomes crispy brown. The culinary pride of Old Castile.

Baby lamb

Cooking method is nearly the same as for a suckling pig.

Manchego cheese

An ewe's milk cheese - and one of the world's best. It's from the semi-arid land of Don Quixote that is today called "La Mancha" or "New Castile".

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Madrid is the culinary
melting pot of Spain

Through the years its innovative chefs have added creative touches to its adopted dishes.

Best gourmet city

It's the top all-around food city in the area comprising Madrid, Old Castile and New Castile. Segovia and Toledo in Old Castile region are the runners-up. If you include Leon province in the "Castile" definition, then add the city of Salamanca.

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