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Catalonia cuisine

Zarzuela de Mariscos

This is the most famous dish of Catalonia. A zarzuela is literally an operetta, figuratively a big deal or a mess. A Zarzuela de Mariscos is a "mess of shellfish" in a white wine-sauce. Ingredients often include shrimp, squid, tallinas (small clams), cigalas (small lobsterlike crustaceans with big claws), and langostas (big spiny lobsters without claws).

Parrillada de pescado

A medley of grilled fish and shellfish.

Insights on the
cuisine of Catalonia

Culinary reputation

Many Spanish food connoisseurs consider Catalan cuisine (along with the Basque cuisine) to have the finest regional cooking of Spain.


Not only is the cooking style distinct from the rest of Spain, the citizens speak a different language (Catalan).


The fare is more seasonal than elsewhere in Spain.

Wild game

It is often on the menu, especially in the fall.

The French connection

Some cooking aspects are more French than Spanish (Catalonia lies directly south of France).

Best city for gourmets

Barcelona is the top all-around food city in Catalonia. Tarragona is the runner-up.

Barcelona not only has great cooks and restaurants, it has the famous La Boqueria food market. It is one of Europe's best and largest.

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