Alaska Railroad's
Goldstar dome train

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Why the
Goldstar Dome
train ride is special

Although you use this Alaska Railroad train ride to get from point A to B, it's a remarkable pre/post cruise excursion in itself. You pass through pristine Alaskan wilderness. Through large picture windows (see photo) you see vast glaciers, rugged snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, and wildlife, possibly even bears.

Goldstar Dome
tips & insights

Goldstar vs. Adventure service

The Alaska Railroad train has two service categories: Goldstar (first class) and Adventure (standard class). Tickets for the first cost about twice as much as for the second. But it's worth it. You get:

Confirmed, full-time dome seats

Although standard class passengers have their own glass domed compartment (named Visa), they can use it for only 20 minutes at a time, as it must be shared with other passengers.

Better seats, newer furnishings

The Goldstar car is more comfortable and newer.

Better windows

They are larger and higher windows for better viewing. See photo.

Open-air Goldstar viewing deck

This is quite an experience.

Preferred dining car seating

Eat when you want to eat.

Trip duration

The Alaska Railroad's 200 kilometer (130 mile) Anchorage-Seward trip takes 4 hours. The Anchorage-Denali journey lasts 7 hours.

Bus alternative

Buses are less expensive and somewhat faster, but remember, you won't see as much of the enticing landscapes and wildlife habitats (which you came to Alaska to see). Also, passenger space is appreciably roomier, less confining on a train.

Railroad's website

Click this link to go directly to the Alaska Railroad's website to book or for more information: Alaska Railroad

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