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This is Alaska's best shore excursion after those on helicopters. A floatplane tour costs on average one-third less than a helicopter version. But like helicopters, they give you forever memories. You marvel at the secluded landscapes that can be seen only from the air.

Everyone has a window seat. You have many photo ops. Your pilot narrates, directing your attention to significant sights.


Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan have floatplane tours. Sitka does not.

Misty Fjord


This is the most celebrated floatplane tour. It flies out of Ketchikan and takes you to a land of sheer mountain cliffs, towering waterfalls, and serene beautiful lakes.

Your floatplane sets down on a secluded lake or fjord. The pilot turns off the engine and lets passengers get out of the cabin to stand on the pontoons to commune with nature in an ultra peaceful environment. Only you, the pilot and several fellow passengers are around.

The best and most reliable floatplane operator is Taquan Air (click this link to visit its website). Its floatplanes are shown in the three photographs above.

floatplane excursions

Taquan Air and some other floatplane operators will fly you to secluded locations for fishing, hiking, and climbing. At a designated time (hours or days later), they return to fly you back to your cruise port city.

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