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Not itemizing a suitcase's content

The list becomes essential if your suitcase is lost or stolen. Very likely you won't recall everything you packed when filling out a lost-luggage insurance form.

Not preparing for emergencies

Bring a small flashlight with spare batteries. And read my Top 10 Travel Health Mistakes section.

Taking too many credit cards

Take only the cards you really need. This lowers the risk of losing one.

You need two in case one card brand is not accepted by the hotel or merchant. When traveling abroad, I take American Express and either Visa or Master Card. Together, the two cover nearly all charging situations.

Not bringing extra passport photos

You will need them if you lose your passport or you discover that the foreign government agency requires you to fill out a new form that needs a photo. And finding an open store that can expeditiously take and print passport photos can sometimes be difficult.

Not buying a quality padlock for your bag

Most padlocks used by travelers for their luggage can be pried open easily by even a novice thief. Invest in a premium one.

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