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tented camp mistakes

Not realizing that
tented camps can
be luxurious

Mid-market tented camps

They are a world apart from a basic campsite. They are clean and comfortable - and the staff does all the chores (seldom so in basic tent camps).

Luxury tented camps

The tents are designer furnished, the service polished and professional, and the food well above par.

Being unfamiliar with
walking safari camps

A memorable happening

A walking safari is one of my favorite safari experiences - and you will probably relish one, too. Consider:

You're in the wild

As the name suggests, you hike in the wilderness populated with lions, elephants, and more. However, these outings are safer than they might seem.

Quality camping

Although you sleep in a traditional safari-style tent, they are large - and the bed is big and comfortable. Service and guide quality are luxury level.

Nightly encounter with nature

You smell the wilderness and hear the wildlife sounds at night in your tent. And sometimes passing four-legged visitors brush against your tent, magnifying the safari experience.

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