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Not knowing
the best-viewing
times of the day

Best & worst

Early morning and late afternoon are the best game-viewing times. During the middle of the day, many mammals are hard to spot because they take shelter in the bushes and tall grasses.

Late sleepers & pool lovers

Safari-goers who sleep late and head off late on their morning game drives literally miss a lot of what they paid a lot to see. The same is true for those who return early from their afternoon game drives to take a dip in the lodge's swimming pool.

Thinking that a full
moon would be perfect

Animal behavior

Although a full moon is romantic, its brightness can alter both the predator's and prey's normal behavior. This makes it more difficult to spot wildlife on night drives.

Going on an
ill-paced safari tour

Too much, too little

Some tours cram in too much (or offer too little) game viewing in a given number of days. Analyze the itinerary.

Not going on a
safari if you have only
several days to spare

Better to see than not at all

A long safari is obviously better than a short one. But it is also true that a short one is better than no safari. If you are on a business trip in, for instance, Dar es Salaam and have several days to spare for a safari, go for it. You may never have the opportunity again.

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