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Automatically blaming
your guide for not spotting
all the major animals

Some wildlife is not easy to spot

Wildlife doesn't appear on cue. If the trained and sharp eyes of a nearby predator are unable to spot a camouflaged animal or bird, then how can we expect the less endowed eyes of your guide (even with binoculars) to do so?

Animal count

Don't judge your guide just on how many different animals and birds he spotted. Wildlife is not confined in a zoo (on safari you are the one in the cage - the vehicle).

Under tipping your
guide and driver

The need to tip app

Most safari guides and drivers receive meager wages. They depend on tips for their livelihood.

Tipping guidelines

Seasoned travelers tip their safari guides (or guide-drivers) approximately $7 to $20 per day per person, depending on their guides' overall performances and the size of their parties. Tip the driver about $5 to $10 per day. If you are on a packaged tour, ask the tour operator for its recommendation.

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