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Not flying to the
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Fly-in safari

You fly to and between the lodges and camps in small airplanes operated by regional airlines using local airstrips. A trip that uses such flights is called a fly-in safari. The local lodge or camp picks you up and arranges for a local safari vehicle and guide for your game viewing trips.


The incremental cost of a fly-in over a drive-in safari is about US$200 to US$500, per flight, depending on location and distance.

Time saver

Fly-in safaris save you considerable time. For instance, it takes 8 to 10 hours to drive from Arusha to a Central Serengeti lodge on the ground - an all-day and (for some people) monotonous affair. A fly-in trip takes about two hours, including the ground transfer times to and from the airports or airstrips.


Some visitors take fly-drive safaris, a hybrid between a fly-in and drive-in safari. Typically, you travel by land vehicle except for your first and last legs, which are done in a regional transfer plane.

when using an
air transfer service

Limited space

Cargo and cabin spaces are limited on regional airlines. Consequently, if you have a lot of luggage, they may not be able to put your bags onboard with you. This would delay the delivery of your baggage. Check with the airline for possible restrictions on weight, dimensions, and bag type.

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