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Wearing white, dark,
blue, striking, or
camouflage clothing

Fine-dust air

The safari plains are dusty. White or dark clothing quickly shows the accumulated fine dust in the air that settles on your clothes. Khaki is the best color because it is dust hued.

Avoid blue

Blue attracts the tsetse fly. Its bite is painful and could inflict trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness).

Don't alarm the animals

Large, asymmetrical patterned clothes can distress animals.

Shun camouflage clothes

You could be arrested in some countries for donning camouflage clothing if you are not a member of the military.

Dressing up
"Hollywood safari" style

What not to wear

If you already bought a "safari wardrobe", you might not like what I'm going to say. Nowadays, very few safari-goers wear the clich├ęd big-game-hunter safari outfit. Those who do get deserved smirks from the rest.

What to wear

Today's safari dress code is comfortable, everyday clothing - the kind you would wear to a casual country-club barbecue.

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