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Not prepping yourself
before your trip

Local cultures and wildlife

The more you know about the local cultures and animals, the more you will get out of your safari.

Travel media

There's a wealth of information waiting for you in travel and nature books, in magazines and newspapers, on TV travel and nature documentaries, and on the internet.

Been there, done that

And don't forget to pick the brains of your friends and acquaintances who have been on safaris.

Not becoming more
familiar with the native
traditions during a safari

Indigenous lifestyles

The closest many safari-goers come to absorbing the native traditional lifestyles is when they pay the fee-seeking natives to silently pose for photos and when they visit tourist-oriented villages focused on selling souvenirs.


For more meaningful and insightful understanding, you need to:

Experience bona fide native villages and dance performances.

Pepper your guide with questions about the true native way of life.

Listen to the experiences and perceptions of your fellow safari-goers.

Learn at least a few basic expressions such as "hello" and "thank you" in the local tongue. You will be surprised how much the natives will appreciate your effort.

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