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Travel health mistakes #5, 6 and 7

Not minimizing jet lag

Staying up late watching
movies on a long overnight flight

Not a good idea. Insufficient sleep lengthens the jet lag adjustment period you face on arrival.

Drinking alcohol

It may put you to sleep for an hour or two. But when you awake, you'll likely have difficulty falling back into a deep sleep. You are better off taking a sleeping pill, which doesn't have this shortcoming.


This over-the-counter drug helps shorten the jet lag recovery period.


Spend as much of your first day as you can in the sun. That helps reset your biological clock to the local time zone.

No medicine backups

Create two complete sets
of your essential medications

Store one set in your carry-on, the other in your suitcase in case one is lost.

Make copies of your original written
prescriptions - and take them with you.

This could speed replacement abroad should you lose a prescribed medication.

Skipping needed vaccinations and pills

Ask your doctor about the essential
vaccinations and pills you will need
for your particular travel destination

These are the ones that help prevent serious diseases. Malaria and typhoid fever, for example.

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